Posted by: recycleannarbor | June 8, 2012

Recycling Service in Areas Affected by Ann Arbor Road Construction Projects.

As any Ann Arbor local can testify, Ann Arbor is currently undergoing extensive repairs to its roads, which is causing journey times to increase, and alternative routes to be considered by anyone who wishes to get from point A to B in the city.

For Recycle Ann Arbor, the extensive construction work presents additional challenges; offering a curbside service when you can’t get to the curb is problematic. RAA staff pride themselves on quality and provision of service, and work with residents and the City of Ann Arbor to minimize any disruption to curbside recycling services caused by road closures.

Particular problems are posed in areas under construction which are normally serviced by a large automated truck. Because of the size of their collection arms, these trucks need more space to operate than the city’s trash vehicles, and may not be able to access locations that waste trucks can service. This can lead to understandable confusion and annoyance for residents, who may have their trash collected, but not their recycling.

When one side of a road is completely closed for construction, and if that road is not a main artery into or out of Ann Arbor, RAA advises residents to place their carts on the opposite side of the street, so that the truck can service them. In cases where the road is wide, such as the construction on East Stadium and Packard, RAA provides service by using a pick-up and manually emptying carts at difficult-to-reach addresses.

RAA wants to stay ahead of any problems that might arise. Residents and businesses are encouraged to contact them if it appears that access for service may be an issue or if there are existing problems with service. RAA is notified by the City of Ann Arbor of upcoming construction projects so that routes can be planned effectively in advance. The list of current and upcoming construction projects can be viewed here.

If you are having any problems with your recycling service, or expect to be affected by future construction, please call 734-662-6288 and staff will be happy to help.



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