Posted by: recycleannarbor | June 18, 2012

Strong Start for Calvert’s 2012 Monthly Shredding Service

Recycle Ann Arbor’s monthly shredding event has started strongly in 2012. So far this year, the staff at RAA’s Calvert’s facility on Jackson Road have enabled more than 150 customers to securely shred their confidential information. Once shredded, the material is recycled into other paper products.

At the latest shredding event held on June 9th, 53 customers shredded a total of 7,760 lbs. of confidential information. From July 2011 to June 2012, Recycle Ann Arbor securely shredded 21.4 tons of confidential documents. All of the material was recycled into new paper products after shredding.

Calvert’s staff talked with customers on site during the June event, and established that the service is highly valued for two reasons. It not only offers customers the confidence that papers are effectively and securely destroyed,  it also gives environmental reassurances that the documents, once destroyed, are recycled in to other paper products.

The service is provided in conjunction with AllShred Services, and customers should expect the following:

  • Arrive at Calvert’s between 9am and 12 noon on the second Saturday of the month.
  • Follow the signs on Jackson Road and Calvert’s Drive to the site.
  • Once on site, follow the “Document Shredding” sign to the staffed tent.
  • At the tent, Calvert’s staff will charge you according to the quantity of paper you have. Prices are available here.
  • Staff will instruct you to drive in a horseshoe-shaped route, and pull up at Allshred’s shredding truck.
  • RAA and Allshed staff will assist you in placing your confidential materials within a secure Toter.
  • The Toter contents are dumped, using an automatic tipper arm, into the shredding truck. Customers’ confidential material is never seen or touched before being shredded. This process can be viewed by camera on the side of the truck, and customers can pull over to one side and watch if they choose.
  • The shredded material is now in the GPS-tracked and locked truck, and it is transported to Allshred’s facility.
  • The shredded paper is emptied into a pit from which it is baled, weighed, logged and loaded onto a GPS-tracked tractor trailer in which it  is then transported directly to U.S. paper mills.
  • The bales of shredded paper are pulped and recycled into new paper products.

For more information on Recycle Ann Arbor’s secure document shredding services, please call Calvert’s at 734-426-2280 or Recycle Ann Arbor’s main office at 734-662-6288.


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